Panasonic Power Class

It is hard to imagine a world of pupils that is increasingly characterised by technology without electrical energy. The practice-oriented school campaign supports the playful promotion of the urge to explore and STEM education.

A campaign in primary schools that invites students to gain knowledge through experimentation and interaction. The teaching material on the topic of "electricity" offers exciting starting points for research and promotes problem-oriented, discovery-based learning.

The package: an activity booklet with copy templates makes physical phenomena easy to understand and provides information on sustainability. The extras: a poster accompanying the process as a source of information and action and a competition in which classes can win, among other things, a visit to Cirque du Soleil® - coupled with a workshop by energy experts.

In addition, the HABA Digital Workshop offers a project day at school for 2nd place. With pedagogical guides, pupils bring battery-powered robots to life. Accompanying communication: newsletter and landing page with registration form and download area.

OVER 130,000 PARTICIPATING PUPILS Nationwide, the high level of participation made battery science, energy and sustainability a playful experience.

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