Lufthansa Guidelines

Updating and redesign of the application-specific guidelines for Lufthansa's family communication, which are then available in BMO (Lufthansa Brand Management Online). Here, agencies and employees can now view and use all information and design guidelines.

New definition of the target groups (parents and kids) and the address in images and text. Creation of new graphics, from the aircraft illustration in a childlike style to a "cuddly plane" to the mascots LU and COSMO in various poses and settings. In addition, the definition of an extended colour palette and all the characteristics of a children's illustration style. For the typography, too, options were created especially for families in order to be able to communicate in a more child-friendly way in addition to the design guidelines of Lufthansa's standard communication.

The new family guidelines have been online since August 2019 and, in addition to the guidelines, also offer many application examples and downloads as well as examples of cooperations. In close cooperation with Lufthansa and Martin et Karczinski, the new communication with the target group "family" was thus successfully implemented.

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