Licence awareness & toys


The international company Universal Consumer Products initially came to us looking for a way to avoid loosing awareness towards kids and especially girls from 3 to 8 around their Trolls licence, already beloved by kids, between two films’ release quite spaced in time. They wanted to fill out a year with strong communication actions matching with their movies’ storytelling and DNA.

What we did

We’ve worked with the UK agency to deploy their European strategy built in France through the implementation of 3 activations, including big digital competitions, usually pushed by Social media ads campaigns on Facebook & Instagram and kids or mummies influencers. We’ve also organized the presence of Trolls in the main French kids & family Fair to make the targets live unforgettable experiences with the licence.


More than 1 million of French parents and kids from 3 to 8 years old were reached by each digital activation (and even 2,5 millions thanks to the main campaign, for which we won a “communication trophy” in France regarding the good results of the campaign).

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